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Beam Care Services is your perfect care at home companion, providing care and support for your family according to your individual needs. 

Our facilities

Come with us and take a look at the facilities we have available to cater for your care needs.

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Beam Care Services Accreditation

Beam Care Services Limited – we are based in the UK, we provide health and social care for 18+ with special / complex needs, autism, learning disability, down syndrome dual diagnosis (not substance misuse).

Beam Care Services Limited is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Companies House. We work with the Local authorities, Commissioning Groups to deliver care and support.

With kindness and compassion, our highly trained and trusted team deliver services tailored to your individual needs/care plan.

Our Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room is a specially designed room which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses. It can be used for therapy, exercise and relaxation. It is an easy and straightforward facility with no training required.

Our sensory room offers a variety of passive and active sensory equipment, including an interactive floor, bubble tubes and walls, sound activated light shows, controllable mood lighting, light curtain, sensit chair and a range of hand-held sensory equipment.

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The benefits of sensory activities are:

  • Stimulating the brain, creating neural pathways and improving sensory processing systems.
  • Improving social skills such as communication and cooperation. 
  • Improving coordination, as well as improving balance, movement and spatial orientation.
  • Calming down and de-escalating aggressive behaviour. 
  • Helping to manage negative thoughts and emotions.

Support for people with autism

At Beam Care Services Ltd, we offer quality care services in many areas ranging from Supported living, Domiciliary care (Personal Care) and much more.

We provide supported living accommodation for clients aged 18 and above. With support that fits seamlessly around you, with uniquely rewarding relationships that will help to build confidence and independence.

We support service users to achieve positive outcomes and their aspirations. We offer an environment which encourages and empower service users to grow and develop their independent skills, resilience and confidence. We also cater for people with learning disabilities such as Autism and Asperger’s, ADHD or challenging behaviour.

We tailor Service user’s needs by assessing them and encourage their pathway plan with expected outcomes. We understand that service users will enter our care with various additional needs such as: mental health concerns, self-harming, gang affiliation, criminal and sexualised behaviour, and may also be asylum seekers 18+.

Our placements provide long term placement stability, respites, and interim support. We extend our support to outreach in the local community and deliver individually tailored supported living, offending behaviour programs and community interventions to service users, aged 18+.

Support for adults with complex care needs

The term ‘complex care’ encompasses a range of needs requiring ongoing essential specialist support. People with complex needs usually live with one or more conditions which means they require specialised support to manage their symptoms and daily tasks. Examples of such conditions include neurological disorders, disabilities, and complex health needs.

Supported living

Beam Care Services provides supported living accommodation for clients aged 18+ to enable a smooth transition to independent living through an outcome and strength-based approach. Beam Care Services Ltd aims to support young people to achieve positive outcomes and their aspirations.

Domiciliary/Home care

Beam Care Services provides high quality domiciliary care (also known as home care) and support to keep you safe, comfortable and living independently in your own home.

Personal care

A little pampering when you need it. We do visit to organise bathing, clean clothes, fresh bedding and a thoughtfully prepared meal before bedtime. And at the end of each day, we also help with getting ready for bed.

Welcome to our facilities

Our Supported Living accommodation in Manchester. This is your home, and we are your perfect home care companion.

Your Home

Living Room


Sensory Room

Your Perfect Home Care Companion

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Supported living accommodation for people living with complex care needs

Usually, a person will have a primary diagnosis such as a learning disability, acquired brain injury or mental health condition and in addition have several associated conditions or diseases alongside that such as a heart condition and diabetes. Enabling people with complex care needs to live the kind of life they want requires careful planning before they move in.

Training plays a vital role in this, ensuring we have highly skilled, competent, and knowledgeable colleagues to provide a high level of care. At Beam Care Services Limited, we have developed a number of bespoke learning modules which equip colleagues to support people with designated health care tasks.

This approach means appropriate care can be undertaken by familiar people, rather than waiting for NHS or external health professionals, with care based around an individual’s routine ensuring a more person-centred approach and better outcomes.

Colleagues feel confident and equipped to respond to needs, knowing when to seek medical advice so issues are quickly picked up leading to early interventions and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions. This pro-active way of working can lead to a person receiving preventative medical care allowing them to remain at home rather than in a hospital or if they are admitted, as they require medical care, they can be discharged home earlier knowing their support team have the skills to care for them. As well as complex health needs, complex care can also include people that display behaviours that may challenge.

Quality of life through positive behaviour support

Our highly trained support workers and specialist teams employ a variety of trusted methods including Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which employs person-centred approaches to ensure a positive impact on each person’s quality of life – supporting people effectively with their needs and understanding the impact that a person’s condition or disease has on their life.

The team’s approach focuses on meaningful engagement for the people we support, understanding the reasons behind why behaviours that may challenge occur, to then provide person-centred proactive strategies to help reduce them without putting the person or others at risk. The aim of PBS is to increase quality of life, promote meaningful engagement, build skills and promote choice and control in everyday life.

Our Services

We support young people aged between 18 and 25 and 18+ by encouraging them to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to achieve their aspirations, whether that is returning to education, finding meaningful work or making new friendships.
Our services specialise in supporting young people facing various challenges including
• Overcome addiction
• Young parents
• Experiencing family or relationship breakdown
Our supported housing services provide a safe place for young people to gain essential life skills and learn to live independently.

Tailored support

All support is tailored to each person’s individual needs, through a structured care and support plan, which uses the Young Person’s Star model to encourage each person to take control of their lives and work towards achieving their personal goals.
Support is focused on eight areas:
• Accommodation
• Work and learning
• People and support
• Health
• How you feel
• Choices and behaviour
• Money and rent
• Practical life skills

Our Process

How We Do It

We are aware that looking at care options can be daunting. At Beam Care Services, we want to change that. We work with you and your loved one in an open and transparent way to arrange care. We’re your perfect care at home companion.

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Your Perfect Home Care Companion
Your Perfect Home Care Companion
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